The Bas Files

The SX 3 Unleashed Video Tutorial demo available from . This is a comprehensive guide to using Sx3, with examples showing the techniques for setting up and using the rich feature set of SX3. With a running time of over 4 ½ hours, the tutorials cover all the important features, from Midi recording and editing, to audio features and functions, with some tricks and tips to speed up processes.

Feel free to download the files below, which cover various aspects of recording in Sx2.

Midi overview

Overview of MIDI (updated 21-8-03)

midi plugins

Midi Plugins Explained (Updated 21-8-03)

MIDI editing

The Cubase SX2 Midi editors.

SX2 update

New Features in SX2.

SX2 project 1-6

The SX Project Book Chapters 1-6 (Updated 08 August)


Routing discussion for SX2 .


An example of creating a TrackControl Script.


Provided By Wade Starnes. Many thanks. (added 18 June)

midi projects

Midi project files for Chapter 3 of the SX Project book

Ch5 projects

Project files for Chapter 5 of the SX Project book

Many thanks to Leen and Chams for their work in proof reading my efforts.

SX is a trademark Of Steinberg.